Commercial Services

Premier PavingPremier Paving is a full service asphalt paving & seal-coating contractor located in Round Lake, IL servicing Commercial and Industrial clients throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Our company is one of the leading asphalt maintenance provider in the state of Illinois. This is why property managers and company owners prefer our company due to the newest technologies our company has to offer.

We offer honest and competitive pricing, tested and proven, quality materials and products, and above all else, exceptional customer service.

At Premier Paving of Northern Illinois, Inc., we are committed to help you with your asphalt covered surface no matter what the problem may be. We can execute minor and major repairs whether it is an old surface in need of repair or a newly paved surface you’re interested in. Our service is cost effective and our finished product is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. Whether you need a curb created, potholes filled or just a new sealing coat, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We have a qualified, quality oriented staff working to see that your needs are met as quickly and safely as possible. We understand that you have a business to run and that your asphalt paved surface is part of that business. Cracks, dips and holes in an asphalt surface can be a safety hazard. We will repair your asphalt covered surface so that it is once again safe and attractive. We take pride in our work and will strive to make every effort to see to it that you can have pride in your work surroundings.


Commercial services include:

– Free Estimates
– Project Planning
– New construction
– Asphalt Paving
– Resurfacing
– Asphalt Milling
– Crack Filling
– Quick Drying Hot Pour Sealers
– Sealcoating
– Oil Repellent
– Traffic Marking & Striping
– Full-Depth Asphalt Pulverization
– Drain tile installations

Commercial quality asphalt for long lasting results.

As your Commercial and Industrial paving contractor, we design and install asphalt paving projects such as:
– Parking Lots
– Loading Docks
– Private Roadways
– Access Roads
– Tennis Courts
– Basketball Courts
– Golf Cart Paths
– Bicycle & Walking Paths
– Parking Lot Maintenance
– Condo and Apartment Complexes
– Widen or Extend Existing Parking Lot

At Premier Paving, we specialize in repairing damaged pavement. We will work with your company to remove existing potholes and apply patches to fix your asphalt.IMG_2141If an asphalt surface has been neglected and water infiltration through cracks and holes have begun to undermine the substation, the most effective for of repair would then be to remove and replace it. Paving is four or more inches of bituminous asphalt or hot mix. The primary purpose pavement is to protect the sub-grade. As the loads get heavier, the pavement thickness must be increased. Generally speaking, bituminous concrete (hot mix asphalt) has little real load-bearing capacity of its own until it reaches a thickness of two inches. In the Midwest, the Asphalt Institute has a firm policy of recommending six inches of stone base (bed rock), two inches of bituminous asphalt, which is a wearing coarse, and one and one half inches of surface coarse. For more information on asphalt paving, please contact one of our sales associates.
Premier Paving of Northern Illinois provides all parking lot maintenance services required to sustain high serviceability and to maximize the useful life of existing asphalt pavements. We strive to provide the highest level of pavement conditions and life span, all in accordance with detailed specifications, budgets, timetables and expectations.

Give us a call and we will provide you with one of our representatives who will guide you through the entire process.