Other Services

Pavers, Brick & Stone

before-afterPremier Paving offers a wide range of Pavers and other natural materials for your outdoor living spaces.

Flagstone, fieldstone and other natural materials feel inviting and informal while adding the ideal finishing touch to entertaining areas. Pavers are among the most versatile, decorative, and durable construction and landscaping materials that you can use for your commercial or residential property.


Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks

Concrete Replacement or Repair. The Premier Paving team will work with you to create a design that complements your home and lifestyle.


Curb Cutting 1Curb Cutting Services

Premier Paving offers horizontal curb saw cutting services to accomplish a variety of projects including:

– Asphalt and concrete curb cuts for guardrail systems and depressed access ways
– Surface leveling
– Curb removal
– Median removal
– Parapet removal
– ADA sidewalk cuts for ramps and handicap access
– Quick removal and clean up

Curb Cutting 2Types of Services:

– Commercial driveway entry
– Parking lot access
– Residential driveway entry
– Handicap ramps
– Bicycle path crossings
– Emergency lanes


Line Striping & Traffic Marking
From blueprint layouts to existing re-striping, Premier Paving will re-line your parking lot so it meets State and Village compliance codes. If you need to make a few small changes or add some hash marks or stenciling to a problem area, we can provide them. Premier Paving also install posts and signage for HANDICAP parking spaces, and other special purposes.


IMG_4237_modIMG_3776Driveway Culvert Replacement
A driveway culvert pipe helps keep the flow of water moving along the drainage ditch near the roadway.Flooding, road failures, property damage, and erosion can occur when a culvert fails to properly convey water.